All the amateurs of vintage wines know it: the best of the preventions still, by far, the information. Far from us, thus, the idea to play killjoy! But some basic notions are always good to take, to spread through the young generations which play sometimes dangerously with the fire.

First of all, we are not all equal in front of the alcohol: this last one spreads in the aqueous part of the body, that is, besides six liters of blood, in the most irrigated organs (liver, muscles, brain). Generally speaking, the more the weight of the body is important, the more the quantity of water is it also, and less the alcohol level will be important.

  • To stay in the register of the pure tasting, a bottle of 75 cl of wine at 13° (approximately 100 g of alcohol) has to fill ten glasses (1 glass = 10 g)
  • Know how to say “no” as long as your glass is not empty, to be able to count the number of times when you will fill him it.
  • Sponge-effect: the solid food (bread, starchy foods) consumed in the beginning of meal will reduce the speed of absorption of the alcohol (between 0,10 and 0,15 g/l per hour)
  • Some water! The water consumption before the meal and between every mouthful of wine seems to facilitate the smoothing of the peak of alcohol level. This practice will avoid you the headache of the next day!
  • You drive? The best judge of your alcohol level still the alcoholmeter. Simpler still: leave the steering wheel to the one who does not drink...