The oenologist has to pay attention to the wine aging, which can go on one week for the primer wines to several years for aging wines.
A red wine stays in barrels from six month to two years for the strongest. At the wine storehouse, the work consists in letting the wine rest and to check the barrel level.

To compensate for the evaporation and avoid the bacterial development at the air contact, we add wine once to twice a week to fill up the barrel, it is the refilling.
During this period, it is important to steadily taste wines. In the meantime, dregs and lies settle in the depth of the barrel. It is then necessary to relocate the wine in a clean barrel until four times a year.

In contact with wood and air, the wine loses harshness, becomes less strong, colour intensity increases and aromas and tannins develop, the famous “woody” which will express in vanilla and toasted aromas.
Barrel quality is essential. Barrels are new or two or three years old, because after three years, the wood effect decreases.