Les Vignerons de Carthage is living a new era. With 9 000 ha of vineyards, it becomes an inescapable pillar of Tunisian viticulture. A tremendous transformation of the wine-producing sector has started 20 years ago, from the choice of the grape varieties to the wine bottling. Thanks to these efforts, Les Vignerons de Carthage returned on the international market with qualitative wines allying modernity and Mediterranean typicity.

To reach its goals, Les Vignerons de Carthage realized a program of development and upgrade of its structure and obtained in 2004 the ISO 9001:2000 certification.
The success of Les Vignerons de Carthage wines is the result of this qualitative policy undertaken during the last years.

Under the guidance of its General Manager, Belgacem D' Khili, Doctor in Viticulture, Engineer and Oenologist, Les Vignerons de Carthage seizes the opportunity to join to Tunisian or foreign partners to exploit State domains, confided to agricultural development companies (SMVDA) to produce terroir wines, from qualitative vineyards and grapes .
Henceforth, Les Vignerons de Carthage is ready to give the Tunisian wines back the place they deserve on the worldwide gastronomic tables for the biggest pleasure of the consumers.
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