This wine is produced in the Grand Cru Mornag appellation of origin, where the production of wine goes back up to the VIIIth century B.C, period of the magnificence of Carthage. This region is known by its well exposed hillsides, cold and wet microclimate during winter and warm and dry during the summer season.

The amphora of Sidi Sâad, which is an exclusivity of Les Vignerons de Carthage reminds of the Carthaginian era.
The grapes of Cabernet sauvignon and Syrah who form fairly this harmonious blending are manually harvested and processed into wine traditionally, with a rigorous control of the temperatures.

This deep red wine with the slightly purple nuances and the balsamic notes has is well balanced, is perfectly married to grilled chops of lamb, stew of lamb in quinces or in dry chestnuts either with an earthenware cooking pot(meat stew) in prunes and in almonds (kernels).