No matter what color their skins, the great majority of wine grapes have clear juice. Very few have red colored juice; the French call these types teinturier, literally "dyers". One of the most famous and widely-planted is a wine grape cross, Alicante Bouschet.

It is a very productive grape that can bear crops as large as 12 tons per acre and must be controlled from its tendency to over crop. In addition to red flesh and juice, it has thick and tough skins. The grape's acidity can be problematic, too high in cooler regions, too low in warmer ones.

Primarily used as a blending grape where color and tannin are needed. On its own, Alicante Bouschet generally makes wine that lacks distinction in character and has texture that is somewhat coarse. Although color is its main asset, it is also unstable, browning and precipitating easily.