This is a Tunisian-German partnership operating on a virtually abandoned government owned estate covering a total of 260 ha, where 229 ha of vines were planted around a decade ago. Today, this is home to some of the world’s finest grape varieties: Pinot (72.5 ha), Merlot (54.5 ha), Syrah (53.5 ha), Cabernet sauvignon (36.9 ha) and Chardonnay (11.7 ha). All of the vines are trellised and supplied by controlled irrigation. The capital is 66% owned by Les Vignerons de Carthage and 34% by the German group Langguth.

The potential production capacity is 21 000 hl of which 70% is exported. The winemaking is carried out in the Cave de Grombalia. The wines produced here meet the best international standards of varietal wines.