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Domaine Clipéa Chardonnay | vignerons de carthage

Domaine Clipéa Chardonnay | vignerons de carthage

This Chardonnay is produced on the Clipéa estate situated in the Mornag A.O.C. area.
This area is bordered by the Mediterranean sea, which protects the vineyard from the hot southern winds known as the “sirocco” and from the summer heat.


  • Soil: Clay LimeStone
  • Output: 45 hectolitres/hectare
  • Varietals: Chardonnay


The grapes are hand harvested during the cool early morning to shield them from the daytime heat in summer. Pellicular maceration at low temperature (15°C)


The wine features a classic and extremely clear colour with a tendency towards a straw yellow hue. The nose is powerful and characterised by ripe fruit
including pineapple, lime and hazelnut. A wholesome, full-bodied and flavour-packed mouth with hints of fresh butter adding extra body. A full-bodied wine, marvellously long on the palate with a powerful finish.


This great wine from the southern shores has a bright future ahead of it in all Mediterranean gourmet establishments, and is ideally suited to all specialities, including flambées shrimps, fried fish,
langoustine kebabs, swordfish with caper sauce, mussels in white sauce, French bean salad or a fine assortment of cheeses to mention just a few.
Ideal serving temperature : 12°C


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