vignerons de carthage

Trucs et astuces


How to match the wine with meal?

Fundamental rules to be respected

Exemple d’accords

Vin rouge tannique

Agneau, bœuf grillé ou rôti, canard, gibier, civet

Vin rouge léger

Charcuterie, grillades

Vin blanc sec

Fruits de mer, crustacés, poissons grillés ou en sauce, escargots, viandes blanches

Vin blanc de liqueur

Poissons en sauce, fromages, dessert


Crustacés, poissons en sauce

The tasting is an at once a simple and a complex action. Thanks to it, the wine is elaborated, and the oenologists approach the wine, its nature, its origin and its possible evolution.

The shape of the glass must be adapted to the type of wine, so that a correct appreciation can be made at the gustative and olfactive level.

The dress

The nose

A wine can develop until 700 good or bad aromas. The olfactive function represents 70 % of the information supplied by the tasting.

The mouth

Craftiness to consume well

To inform it is to prevent

All the amateurs of vintage wines know it: the best of the preventions still, by far, the information. Far from us, thus, the idea to play killjoy! But some basic notions are always good to take, to spread through the young generations which play sometimes dangerously with the fire.

First of all, we are not all equal in front of the alcohol: this last one spreads in the aqueous part of the body, that is, besides six liters of blood, in the most irrigated organs (liver, muscles, brain). Generally speaking, the more the weight of the body is important, the more the quantity of water is it also, and less the alcohol level will be important.

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