vignerons de carthage

Magon Rose | vignerons de carthage

Magon Rose | vignerons de carthage

This wine is produced in the Mornag A.O.C. area located in the north-eastern part of the country, which is largely open to the sea and which benefits from the Mediterranean climate. This region, in which wine production dates back to the splendour of Carthage in the eighth century BC, is well-known for its sunny hillsides and its microclimate which is cold and wet during the winter and warm and dry during the summer.
The name of this wine has been selected as a tribute to the Carthaginian Magon, author of a treatise on agronomy, winegrowing and winemaking, certain of whose ideas are still being used today


  • Soil: Clay Limestone
  • Output: 45 hectolitres/hectare
  • Varietals: Cinsault and Grenache.


The grapes are picked by hand during the cool early morning.
Following stem removal, the first-pressed juices are fermented in temperature controlled stainlesssteel tanks at a low temperature setting.


An elegant, shining rose petal hue with salmon highlights.
A delicate nose characterised by red fruits with hints of citrus and grenades. A delightful mouth with a touch of red fruits (wild strawberry) nectarine and flowers, followed by a wonderful
spicy finish.


What could be nicer than a Mediterranean meal, during which this wine forms the perfect bond between marvellous pizzas cooked on a wood fire, the succulent white meat of a goose cooked on a fire of vine shoots, cuttlefish eggs, fried squid or a superb octopus salad.
Ideal serving
temperature :12°C

Volume:   75 cl et 37.5 cl 



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