vignerons de carthage

Box Sidi Saad | vignerons de carthage

Box Sidi Saad | vignerons de carthage

Located in the Grand Cru Mornag A.O.C. area. This region, in which wine production dates back to the splendour of Carthage in the eigth century BC, is known for its sunny hillsides, and its microclimate, which is cold and wet during the winter while being warm and dry in summer.
The amphora-shaped Sidi Sâad bottle brings to mind the glorious history of Carthage and is a feature exclusive to Les Vignerons de Carthage.


  • Soil: Stoney
  • Output: 40 hectolitres/hectare
  • Varietals: Carignan, syrah,
  • Grenache and Mourvèdre.


The grapes are hand harvested during the cool morning air.
Traditional vinification methods are used including strict temperature control.
Maceration lasts for 15 days.


Deep red colour with slightly purple highlights. The nose contains distinctive balsamic notes. This is a smooth wine offering a candied red fruit flavour, perfectly balanced between its full-bodied character and its finesse. Excellent length on the palate with a pleasant finish.


This great wine is stored in an ancient Carthaginian amphora and goes well with grilled lamb cutlets, lamb stew with quince or with dried chestnuts, a tajine with prunes and almonds or a mouth-watering pasta gratin with cream and cheese (tortillini alla ricotta).
Ideal serving
temperature :16°C


Box Sidi Saad
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