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Château Mornag Red | vignerons de carthage

Château Mornag Red | vignerons de carthage

Château Mornag is the world’s well-known Tunisian wine, produced in the Grand Cru Mornag A.O.C. area.
This region, in which wine production dates back to the splendour of Carthage in the VIII century BC, is known for its sunny hillsides and its microclimate which is cold and wet during the winter, while being warm and dry in summer.


  • Soil: Stoney
  • Output: 40 hectolitres/hectare
  • Varietals:Carignan, Grenache,
  • Mourvèdre and Syrah.


The grapes are hand harvested during the cool early morning. Traditional vinification methods are used, including strict temperatures control.
Maceration lasts 15 days.


A deep, attractive, shining and slightly terracotta-red colour. The nose is characterised by red fruit, blackberry and blackcurrant. Silky smooth in the mouth, accompanied by hints of cocoa and an impressive range of fruit aromas, this wine leaves a warm and lingering sensation on the palate.


This bright and cheerful wine goes well with vol au vents, fillet of duck breast, and really comes into its own at mealtime when combined with veal chops with rosemary or a delicious mignon de veau with liquorice and its woody flavours.
Ideal serving
temperature :16°C


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